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THE MATRIX- simulation THE MATRIX- simulation

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not that impressive, but good job

Straight to teh piont :
1-needs a workin preloader
2-needs better musical score
3-it uses stix
4-not a funny ending
5-chronical lack of originality, like all stick fight flix
Favored by:
1-cool,smooth animetions
2-uh...quite nice for a flash noob

Leet Township Police Leet Township Police

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Real nice job m8! grat spoof! Make more!! PLEAZ!

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Jim The Cat- Driving Miss Jim The Cat- Driving Miss

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Its light years in front of Ren & Stimpy!

Damn, what a fine cartoon. Its ready for TV alright, no comments on that. Still, i point out the cat´s voices, i think they kinda sucked. But thats a drop on an ocean of 1337 cartooness.


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Ranma½ Interactive Dojo 3 Ranma½ Interactive Dojo 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dekathos, your on a roll !

Joo cant seem to stop shock and awe me with this series. keep it up. got nothin to say that i havent reapeated before. as promissed, i sent u tha prize! check ur mail. Get snes 9.x, belive me, its the best one - takes pics and all.( could u do one ramna flash with the game´s sprites?? if so dont forget 2 mencione me!! :P ).

about ramna : i like the anime, i saw the uncensored version and i loved it. Its cool, it portrays a bit of chinese/jap. culture, and alot of silliness between. I guess theres a significance other then transexuallity behind the ranma character but i couldnt figure it out yet : is it a legend? takahashi (i hope i aint mistakin her name), the maker of the series had an very interesting style, its cheesy-kinda good.

Congratz, iadaiadaida ...

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Dekathos responds:

Ok! Sorry but I don't want to add anymore graphics to this series. THANK YOU for the Rom though! As soon as I get it to work I'm sure I'll be hooked! I'm glad you got into the series. Are you asking me how Ranma became a girl/boy? I have a file server called Kazaa that you can download virtually anything off of.
Look for the first Ranma manga or episodes. They are there! :) You spelt her name right! Thank you for the review!!

Retarded Animal Babies 3 Retarded Animal Babies 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


OMG,retarded owns. like the "south-park-Kenny-like bunny". This shits hilarious.congratz.

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I Eat People I Eat People

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This has got to be the funniest monster-thingy!

Lol, damn funny, and allround good flash technique. I shit my pants laughing when the monster started to tapdance! lol x1000.

U got skillz!

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Ranma½ Interactive Dojo 2 Ranma½ Interactive Dojo 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well my man, u did it again! Good job!

U refined the humour, and the lenght of the thing, thats good, but the voice acting...well, its like u didnt even give a shit about making ur voice sound more feminin for akane :0) lol...(i would volunteer for the voice acting, but frankly, all i imagine doing is the panda´s grunts.h3h3. Anyway gj.Do a third one and ill give u a Snes rom for the RAMNA RPG - full english and real funny. So im waiting.

Standing ovation ppl, he deserves it.

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Dekathos responds:

SHE'S A MAN, BABY!! YEAH!!! Whoops I already used that line. WOW and Elite Gaurd reviewing my movie! Do you protect Emperor Palpatine? Anyhow, thanks for the offer I understand believe me. My brother does Akane's voice. If I did it would sound pretty much the same except not as Manish. SO if you gonna do it wrong go all the way! WOOH! Once again there's nothing to do I have already completed the entire series. Yes I'm a Bastard for not puting them out two a day but I kind of like the way things are going right now soo. patience. Rom Rom Rom oh those game emulators you can steal off the computer! Hahaah! They actually say it's ok so long as you buy or have the game your playing. :) Yeah and most of them are over 10 years old Riggggght. What a load. I am surprised you have something like that in English. I can only count one game dubbed in english for Ranma and that was the CRAP-tastic Hard Battle. Thanks for the review buddy! See you soon!

Mega Happy Flash Battle Mega Happy Flash Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yeah, This is da BOMB!

Real damn funny m8! Captured the essence of anime. Have u ever watched "Excel saga"?? An overall good animation and plot. the voices could have been better. We need voice actresses in NG.

With the standing ovation of :

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Ranma½ Interactive Dojo 1 Ranma½ Interactive Dojo 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Anime never has been so beautifully potrayed be4!

Real good job! havent seen something this good for a long while on NG, this will go top´s straight away.
Damn fine job. Interactive, true to the manga and anime, good graphics, tunes from the anime, and allround not bandwith hungry.
Still, the voices are not that good, but considering all the rest, that´s a drop on the ocean of leetness!

With the applauses of :

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Dekathos responds:

More compliments then I deserve! In the words of Soun Tendo, 'Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!'

Shock And Awe! Shock And Awe!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ok, so mb62 is a redneck dumbass, so what!

He personifies the ignorant American, the so called "average joe" who doesnt gives a shit about ther rest of the world, heck, the world IS America for him! Its the kind of people that doesnt know that there is a rest of a world outside his confy country borders. He represents the blind patriot who doesnt questions his countrys leadership, who doesnt speaks a mind of his own, but speaks the words that someone else has already spoken, even if it comes from an power-mad ignorant ex-alchoholic. Its the kind of people that ignores that his country committed equal atrocities in name of his "democracy"(WTF?).
It makes me sad that its so. i hope we dont cross swords in the future, when America tries to conquer the world. If so, i wont exitate... PEACE.